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When searching for a specific product or service on the internet, people tend to lean towards those that are available within their vicinity; that is why Google and other search engines have been putting a greater emphasis on redirecting their users to links based on that individual’s physical location. For this reason, local search results are ranked higher in their algorithm, favoring websites or business listings closer to the user. This will drive more organic traffic to those links and improve the odds of converting those people into customers.

Our Local Search Engine Optimization services are specifically geared towards enhancing your website so that it performs well in local rankings and attracts potential customers within the proximity of your business operations. With our help, you will have a technological edge against local competition.

Why Local SEO Is Important

Local customers are vital to the survival of startup ventures and small businesses, but they are also important to big international and multinational companies as their primary market. Local SEO not only makes it easier for customers in your area to find information about your business, but it can also help attract the attention of those in a nearby city, state, or even country. It is also proven that people will develop a higher level of trust in businesses with complete and reliable contact information on their websites.

According to various sources, a large majority of users rely on the information on the internet regarding a local company and are also more likely to contact or visit a brick and mortar store that they found using a local search within 24 hours. Given that nearly half of Google searches are related to local information, you could be missing out on a huge market by not improving the quality of the information you provide about your business on the internet.

What Can We Do To Help

We utilize various strategies in both content generation and web development in order to enhance the online presence of your business and website. These include, but are not limited to:

Since the internet is a constantly changing environment, our strategies also evolve over time as we adapt to new challenges that we face in the field of online marketing. We want to ensure that your business is always ahead of the curve by keeping track of trends in the local and international markets.

Professional Tools for Professional Work

Data like keyword search volumes, organic traffic, click-through rate, and engagement that we use to effectively conduct our work are gathered using professional SEO tools like Ahrefs and Google Analytics to ensure that they are always reliable and up-to-date. We also use a variety of programming and web development tools to improve the user experience of your website. These tools coupled with our expertise in web optimization allow us to reduce the loading time of pages, locate and fix broken links, and organize the elements of each section of your website in a coherent manner that visitors can easily navigate. Remember: the attention span of the average internet user is surprisingly short, so you would want to capitalize on each second that a visitor is traversing your website if you have any hopes of converting them into customers.

Why Do I Need Local SEO?

To make sure that potential customers in your area are aware of your business by helping your website secure a high ranking in the search results of local queries. It also provides them with all the information they may need to contact you and make a purchase.

Why is Local SEO Important for Small Businesses?

Small businesses and startups rely on local customers as their primary market. Data-driven SEO is a proven effective strategy in marketing that helps these businesses thrive in the hyper-competitive online market by making it easier for this demographic to find their product or service when conducting an online search.

How Can Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow?

Whatever the size of your business may be, Local SEO services can help you grow your regional audience and convert a large portion of them into customers. It is the most reliable way to disseminate information about your business and allow search engines to redirect location-based searches to the product or service that you provide.

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Website SEO Audit

Full website SEO audits and action plans to optimize your online presence and improve search engine rankings. We will deliver you complete SEO website health status & recommendations together with the timeframe on how we can achieve a well-optimized website.

SEO Strategy

Our service offers a tailored and data-driven SEO strategy that encompasses keyword optimization, content enhancement, and authoritative link-building to elevate your website’s search engine visibility and overall online performance.

Keyword Research

Our service provides comprehensive keyword research to help you discover the most valuable & relevant search terms for your industry and audience. We use different tools and strategies to provide you keywords with high search volume but low competitors .

On-Page SEO

Our service focuses on optimizing individual web pages with keyword integration, content optimization, schema implementation, meta tag enhancement, header tags, fixing redirects, 404 pages, and other proven techniques to enhance their search engine ranking and user relevance.

Off-Page SEO

Our service employs off-page SEO strategies, such as high-quality link building, social media engagement, and online relationship building, to improve  your website’s authority and reputation across the internet. We mainly focus on the relevance, traffic and domain authority of websites.

SEO Reporting

Our service provides detailed and transparent SEO reports, offering insights into website performance, keyword rankings, traffic analytics, and other essential metrics to track the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. We usually send monthly report and one-on-one discussion with the client.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have a local business in your area and you want to increase your sales, Local SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to boost your website’s ranking in Google and local pack. In addition, it will skyrocket your website organic traffic, establish strong local online presence, outrank your nearby competitors, and earn more returning and qualified leads.

Every SEO specialist has different strategies to make the website rank in search results, however, there are fundamental SEO elements that should be done in every SEO process.

The first critical step that should be accomplished is the comprehensive SEO Audit. This strategy is conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website; from its backend technical status, website loading speed, keyword research, content optimization, its UI/UX design and analyzing existing backlinks.

Once we identify the issues and the things that need improvement, an effective and proven action plan will be implemented in your website to sustain traffic and improve rankings.

Keep in mind that SEO process is never a 100% linear, there are always issues that might possibly occur during the implementation especially if there’s a new Google update that has been rolled out.

Based on my 10 years experienced as an SEO Freelancer, you can see signs of positive results in your website as little as 3 – 6 weeks. An ongoing campaign should be done to ensure the ranking of your website, but it always depends on several factors, such as competition, website status, keyword difficulty, etc. Using our white-hat SEO strategies, we can make your website present in first page in no time.

We offer customized SEO packages that suit every business for you to position your website to succeed. Our monthly campaign starts 20, 000 PHP for local website.

Our packages may include SEO (technical on page optimization, off page optimization), content creation, and more. Book a call with me, and I will send you the customized SEO services cost, scope of work, and time frame.

We offer a full detailed monthly SEO ranking report to every client so you can see how your SEO is progressing and how your traffic and leads are growing over time. We ensure to deliver each month a 100% transparent link building report, SEO progress and the action plan for the following month.