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What are the benefits of SEO?

Regardless of how ingenious your products or services are, you won’t get very far with your business if you don’t have good marketing. This is a time-tested truth that every entrepreneur keeps in mind. It also applies to e-commerce and online businesses, where the competition is even more fierce because you have to fight for your audience’s attention with local competitors and international ones too. SEO provides you with a practical framework through which you can strategically drive traffic to your website using search data and research. Essentially, you are using the knowledge of search algorithms to your advantage by observing the behavior of your leads whenever they search something on the web and optimizing your content to funnel that organic traffic to your website.

The best way to choose a company for SEO is to look for companies that know exactly what your business is about, what products or services you sell, and your target market. It also helps to have verified clients that can vouch for the company’s credibility, and could give meaningful insight into their operations.

How we can help?

Conducting SEO research and implementing suggested changes can be very tedious. Additionally, having to monitor your website performance constantly for new trends and developments in your market may force you to take an extensive amount of attention and resources away from other important aspects of your business if you were to do it on your own. By outsourcing SEO services, you can leave all that work to professionals like us and expect consistent and satisfactory results. By focusing on pure white hat SEO strategies, we can give your website a proper touch-up to make it not just a high-performing website, but also a more welcoming and credible source of information for your leads. We provide frequent reports to inform you of your website’s performance, the progress of optimization projects, and suggest areas of improvement. Our goal is to grow your website as well as convert visitors into customers.

What SEO Services Are Included?

On-Page SEO

Elements of your website within your full control.

Off-Page SEO

Building a network of links to bridge customers from other websites.

It is important to note that the scope of SEO services will vary depending on the market you are trying to explore. For Local SEO you can expect your geographical region to be taken into careful consideration as you need your reach to be outlined properly to rank high, especially for the specific market within your area. As you attempt to reach larger markets on a national or even international level, you can expect the competition to be stiffer, as it is likely that you will be up against already established brands.

How Much Does SEO Services cost?

On-Page SEO

Be seen on Top 1! Outrank your competitors using white-hat strategies and latest SEO techniques.

Off-Page SEO

Be seen on Top 1! Outrank your competitors using white-hat strategies and latest SEO techniques.

SEO Reporting

Be seen on Top 1! Outrank your competitors using white-hat strategies and latest SEO techniques.

The cost of SEO services can range from a few hundred US dollars to a couple of thousands which we understand might be intimidating for smaller businesses. We can minimize that cost by focusing on essential services that you need at the present time and offering additional services when you feel like you could really benefit from them. This offer comes in the form of packages that will provide a set of specific services beginning with the most important ones. Our price is also negotiable, and we can set up different payment methods that will be most convenient to you.

Let Your Business Flourish in the Online World With Expert SEO Services

In the current business climate, having a strong online presence helps you stay competitive and reach out to a wider range of audiences and potential customers. Whenever your leads are searching for the product or service that you provide, it is our goal that your page and website are among the first they see in the search engine results page of websites like Google and Amazon. By employing different digital marketing strategies, our services not only improve the visibility of your website but also develop a more pleasant user experience that will encourage them to keep browsing.

Skyrocket Your Business On Google

Hire freelance SEO expert to build and manage
your brand’s online presence effectively and start driving real conversions.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have a local business in your area and you want to increase your sales, Local SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to boost your website’s ranking in Google and local pack. In addition, it will skyrocket your website organic traffic, establish strong local online presence, outrank your nearby competitors, and earn more returning and qualified leads.

Every SEO specialist has different strategies to make the website rank in search results, however, there are fundamental SEO elements that should be done in every SEO process.

The first critical step that should be accomplished is the comprehensive SEO Audit. This strategy is conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website; from its backend technical status, website loading speed, keyword research, content optimization, its UI/UX design and analyzing existing backlinks.

Once we identify the issues and the things that need improvement, an effective and proven action plan will be implemented in your website to sustain traffic and improve rankings.

Keep in mind that SEO process is never a 100% linear, there are always issues that might possibly occur during the implementation especially if there’s a new Google update that has been rolled out.

Based on my 10 years experienced as an SEO Freelancer, you can see signs of positive results in your website as little as 3 – 6 weeks. An ongoing campaign should be done to ensure the ranking of your website, but it always depends on several factors, such as competition, website status, keyword difficulty, etc. Using our white-hat SEO strategies, we can make your website present in first page in no time.

We offer customized SEO packages that suit every business for you to position your website to succeed. Our monthly campaign starts 20, 000 PHP for local website.

Our packages may include SEO (technical on page optimization, off page optimization), content creation, and more. Book a call with me, and I will send you the customized SEO services cost, scope of work, and time frame.

We offer a full detailed monthly SEO ranking report to every client so you can see how your SEO is progressing and how your traffic and leads are growing over time. We ensure to deliver each month a 100% transparent link building report, SEO progress and the action plan for the following month.